1. Complete the site plan and the entire permit process for you
  2. Have a crew on the job site within 10 days of the receipt of the permit
  3. Be responsible for any sub-contractor work agreed upon
    • Concrete
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Garage doors
    • Heating system
    • Interior finish
  4. Keep you informed of the progress of the building project
  5. Pour the concrete floor during construction not after—this means you will have a floor with a better overall finish and there will not be concrete splatter all over the inside of your building
  6. Make sure that your building gets the final inspections and occupancy permit
  7. Offer quick response time to your questions and needs( no need to have a committee meeting)


  1. Our home is Kimberly, Idaho
  2. We support many community activities including youth sports
  3. Based at Kimberly, ID, not based outside of the Magic Valley
  4. Most materials are purchased locally
  5. Everybody that is part of C-N-R lives in the Magic Valley, that includes the owners and the employees
  6. Engineering is completed by local engineers who are familiar with local conditions.  Making sure that your new building will meet local building codes


  1. Uses the latest in insulation technology with a radiant barrier
  2. Buildings will have 2” x 6” girts 24” on center, not 2” x 4” on 30” centers
  3. Your building will have 2” x 6” purlins(roof members) 24” on center, not 2” x 4” on 24” centers
  4. The trusses will have the capability of supporting a ceiling, allowing you to add a ceiling at a later time.  Loading is always 30-7-10
  5. Steel building panels are attached with screws, not nails
  6. Every job has an owner on site during construction of your building managing the crew
  7. C-N-R will clean up the trash,  The only thing left on your site is a building and not all of the construction scrap and trash

Our services do not end with the completion of your building; we want you to recommend us to your neighbors and friends