FAQs on C-N-R Construction

Can I design my own building?

All of the buildings that we construct are custom designed. A sales representative will help you design your building and choose the best location.

What features can be added to a building constructed by C-N-R Construction, LLC?

C-N-R Construction will be happy to provide any and all features that you choose to incorporate into your building. This includes but is not limited to concrete, overhead doors, walk doors, windows, overhangs, brick, stucco, septic systems, water, electrical work and site preparation.

What styles of buildings are available?

Standard Gable






How do I decide where to build?

During the initial consultation C-N-R will ask to see the proposed building site. The sales representative will ask many questions about how you will use the building and how you will access the building. The sales representative will then offer ideas relevant to the set back and building code requirements and assist you in laying out your building.

What happens if there is rock where I want to build my building?

C-N-R Construction has the equipment and the capability of building on most locations. If your area is too rocky C-N-R will also make recommendations as to alternative sites or construction alternatives.


Do I need a building permit?

Depending upon the county anything over 100 sq. ft. requires a building permit. C-N-R will actually acquire the building permit for you. This includes but is not limited to stops at the canal company, court house, South Central Public Health, highway department, and the local fire district.

Certificate of Insurance

Yes, through Premire Insurance of Twin Falls, Idaho. They can be reached at (208) 734-1711.

Contractor’s License

Yes, through the state of Idaho. Our license number is RCE-19659. It is renewed each year in November. You can also go to their web site and make sure that our license is current. The web site address is http://dbs.idaho.gov/ and click on general contractor registration look up link. Type in our registration number to see that we are current.

How does C-N-R Construction attach the metal to the structure?

Steel panels are attached using supplier provided color matched screws. Some other builders nail their metal to the wooden structure.

What are my responsibilities before, during, and after construction?

a. Remain in contact with C-N-R Construction to answer any questions that might arise.
b. Provide a work area easily accessible at all times.
c. Make the payments per the contract on a timely basis.

How can I find out the price?

a. Contact C-N-R Construction.
b. Meet with the sales representative.
c. Show us the site and explain the details about your building plans and use.